Our Process

Step 01


The discovery stage entails a free consultation with client to discuss the project in detail. This is a crucial step. Different designs have alternate scenarios and solutions to the exact same problem. This is where the information gathered is communicated and where budget and time frame for completion comes into conversation as well. Communication about budget and time constraints is vital for the success of the following steps. During this initial consultation, we will also document existing conditions, collect all the measurements and take preliminary photos, thus helping designers in the next phase of the process.

Step 02


The conception stage consists of brainstorming, preliminary design concepts, and gathering all the information from the discovery stage. We produce a preliminary design and overview of the final project. This ensures that our proposed design is in accordance with our clients’ expectations. Additionally, we also produce a realistic budget and timelines for commencement. Once we have approval and a commitment is obtained, we move forward to the next phase

Step 03


This stage is where we put our creative ideas, visions and requirements to paper. We finalize product selections and designs then present for approval. Once approved, we prepare the final contract. This contract will include all the responsibilities for both parties including product selection, installation, approved designs and payment structure. Once the designs are finalized, and the contract is signed, the next phase begins

Step 04


At this stage we have finalized designs and completed product selection. Submitting PO’s and acquiring ETA’s for all incoming selections will allow for organizing the schedule. On receipt of all products in our warehouse a detailed schedule is created, and are ready for delivery to site. The Project Manager will create a tentative working schedule, so everyone involved is attuned to the upcoming sequences of the project

Step 05

Project Launch

During this stage, all parties involved meet on the jobsite to do a walkthrough with our clients. We will document everything once more with photos. And it is official… the renovation has begun! All aspects from this point are monitored carefully and thoroughly with the Project Manager and designer to ensure the project runs smoothly until completion



The stage completes the project. Cleaning of all debris, collecting floor covering materials, and removal of any protective coverings from the building. We will complete a final walk thru with the clients and create a punch list of deficiencies if they have not yet been addressed. We finish with another documentation of photos, and welcome feedback from our clients so that any responses can be used for professional purposes and client input can become an important addition to our company testimonials