There are so many things to consider when renovating a bathroom. Are you replacing a tub with a shower? Would you like a different configuration? Budget and timelines play a very large part of the project. Don’t plan a special function around a renovation such as a wedding or company coming from out of town. That will just set you up for disaster!

When it comes to forecasting a bathroom renovation it will take time to plan, design, order and execute the project. Some of the reasons people would like to renovate their bathrooms is it’s time to replace the existing 1955 harvest gold tub, toilet and matching sink, cabinet doors are warped, and countertops are peeling. Lifestyle is another. Their existing tiny bathroom doesn’t work with 4 teenage boys and working parents. We have also encountered families that have someone with special needs, and we need to accommodate a wheelchair to roll into showers, and lower counters for accessibility. And let’s face it, when it comes to modernizing a bathroom it will add VALUE to your home.